Affirmasjonskort - MOON GODDESS CARDS
Affirmasjonskort - MOON GODDESS CARDS
Affirmasjonskort - MOON GODDESS CARDS
Affirmasjonskort - MOON GODDESS CARDS

Affirmasjonskort - MOON GODDESS CARDS

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Discovering the Goddess energies in your Moon serves as a portal to greater knowledge self expression and creativity.

From ancient moons passed, stories of the Goddesses have swept through many cultures, seas and lands. They all embody the ultimate archetype; The Great Mother.

How to use your Goddess Cards:

Grandmother Moon enters (ingresses) under a different zodiac sign every two to three days. According to ‘It is not uncommon for the Moon to ingress all twelve signs within the month’ this means you can really get familiar with your Goddess cards and tap into their energy as frequently as you like.

Alternatively, you can choose to focus your energies onto a specific Goddess who is linked to the current New Moon/Full Moon. You can also draw upon a Goddess everyday or when you feel you need guidance.

Display your Goddess cards on your altar or sacred place in your home. Feel free to shuffle the cards to work with a specific Goddess. These cards are designed for display, but I think they would also complement a tarot/oracle spread or a daily card pull too.

Goddesses Included:
▪ Spider Woman
▪ Oya
▪ Demeter
▪ Bridged
▪ Aphrodite
▪ Morigan
▪ Kuan Yin
▪ Kali
▪ Gaia
▪ Matt
▪ Ix- Chel
▪ Pele

The Moon Goddess Art Deck includes:

▪ 12 High quality double sided laminate cards A7
▪ Mini guide for cards 

Follow the legends and invoke the spirit of each of these loved Goddesses as the Moon moves through each of the Zodiac Signs.